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WhatsApp Text Status Feature Makes a Come Back With ‘About’ Description

Whatsapp has introduced the ‘about’ feature just before 3 weeks. Like as Snapchat’s ‘about’ option Whatsapp has also updated the ‘about’ option. Earlier many of the users are having the complaint about not having the text-based status. Recently Facebook has also introduced the same feature on its Messenger. The Whatsapp and Facebook are cloning the Snapchat’s features. Old status lovers may feel this feature as a disappointing one. Also, the users can use the old type of action if they wish.

WhatsApp to Bring Back the Old Text Status, but to a New Place

The WhatsApp’s old status doesn’t reflect the present version of Whatsapp. Install the Whatsapp Beta version 2.17.95. Users can download the APK file and install it to use the Whatsapp ‘about’ description feature.

WhatsApp Text Status Feature Makes a Come Back With ‘About’ Description :

The text-based status on the beta version of Whatsapp is same while the updating is different. The status can be updated from the Settings panel. It requires 2 steps.

  • Initially, click on the three dots visible on the top right corner.
  • Go to settings.
  • Then, touch your photo and it will show the other screen.
  • Where you will find the ‘About’ Option and Phone number.
  • It shows the pre-filled past status or you can enter the new custom one over there, which will not erase after 24 hours.

If you do not prefer the disappearing Whatsapp Status, yet you have to bare with it. Whatsapp’s old text-based status comeback will let the new one remains there on the interface.

Changes Made to WhatsApp Beta Version

Not just has Whatsapp announced that their Whatsapp Status highlight is not a win, they have also affirmed clients that they will bring the old text-based status back. This does not imply that Whatsapp Status will be old yet rather that both will gently coincide. The refresh is still in Beta version and will be moved soon. The new update details were spilled by WaBetaInfo, the Twitter handle for all holes Whatsapp, the application will by and by get an update and there will be extra elements added to the “info’ button, one of which will be the content Status. There will also be surprise different tabs in Whatsapp like Profile and Tagline.

  • WhatsApp has implemented the design changes in its beta version. Whatsapp’s video calling has placed next to voice call. With just a simple 2 taps it is possible to make a video call to anyone of the friend’s list.
  • Attachment Button is placed beside the Text box.
  • The textbox is now in rounded. From past many days, the text box is coming up in the rectangular shape.

The new update of Whatsapp is available for Android / Windows users. Yet there is no confirmation about when the beta version is going to be stable.

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