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SBI UPI App/APK Download – RBI UPI APP to Send Money without Bank Account Details

 SBI UPI App Application Download to Send Money without Bank Account Details For Android/ Windows/ IOS :

SBI is to provide the UPI App soon for its clients. As of now 21 banks were enrolled with this UPI App of NPCI. Initially the ICICI bank was originated this app in association with ICICI Mobile and Packets apps. ‘Unified Payment Interface’ is the full form of UPI. This app is mainly intended to transfer the money without account details. Also the UPI App undergoes many advantages. Go through the article to know the benefits of UPI App. Download the UPI App for SBI, PNB, ICICI,Union Bank or Any other Bank | UPI App Download – Direct Links to Download the UPI App | UPI App for iOS (Apple Store)

SBI UPI App To Introduce Soon for Money Transfer Without Bank Account Details :

SBI UPI Download : Recently UPI App was launched with 21 banks on 25th August 2016. The SBI bank is now on the way to introduce this UPI App soon. The largest banking organization SBI is having some concerns to introduce this App. SBI is not willing to use the MPIN on mobile app of various banks. The UIP will lets to connect with multiple banks with its framework.

An SBI official said to business standard “App for the UPI is ready. It has to be tested thoroughly to avoid glitches before making it available to millions. Bank has largest retail customer base in the country and we do not want complaints to grow exponentially by going live in a hurry.” SBI will further examine the app with closed-user group and may go live in about a month’s time, the official added.

SBI UPI (Unified Payment Interface) App :

The SBI has not yet introduced its UPI app. In any case SBI is planning to introduce the UPI App soon. Along with this, UPI might be incorporated into the current SBI mobile apps SBI Anywhere and SBI Buddy. The SBI mate would have the UPI stage to transfer the cash. SBI buddy is the mobile wallet from the SBI. Any record holder can utilize the SBI Buddy App. Once if, SBI accompanies UPI app, you would have the capacity to make VPA and transfer the cash without utilizing account number of the payee.

SBI UPI App Download

Clients can download the SBI UPI app from the google playstore. At first, banks have made UPI app for the android stage. later, you can also expect UPI-based application for the iOs and windows. Users can also download the UPI-based SBI app through the SBI site. To download the SBI UPI app you should have enough space in your phone memory.

The UPI app of 21 banks will be available on the Google Play Store in few days working days for the customers to download and start using

Name of Bank Download Link
PNB UPI App Click here to Download United PNB App
United Bank of India Click here to Download United UPI App
Union Bank UPI App Click Here to Download Union Bank UPI App
Vijaya Bank UPI App Click here to Download Vijay Bank UPI App
UCO Bank UPI App Click Here to Download UCO UPI App
Andhra Bank UPI App Click Here to Download Andhra Bank UPI App
Axis Bank UPI App Click Here to Download Axis Bank UPI App
ICICI Bank UPI App Click Here to Download ICICI UPI App (Updated)
Canara Bank UPI App Click Here to Download Canara Bank UPI App
Bank of India UPI App Not available at this time
Bank of Baroda UPI App Not available at this time
SBI Upi App Click Here to Download SBI UPI App New
HDFC Bank UPI App Click Here to Download HDFC Bank App
South Indian Bank UPI App Click Here to Download SIB UPI App
Karnataka Bank UPI App Click Here to Download KBL UPI App
TJSB Sahakari Bank UPI App Click Here to Download TranZapp UPI App
Catholic Syrian Bank UPI App Click Here to Download CSB UPI App
Bank of Maharashtra UPI App Click Here to Download MAHA UPI App
DCB Bank UPI App Click Here to Download DCB UPI App
Federal Bank UPI App Click Here to Download Lotza UPI App
Phone Pay UPI App Click Here to Download PhonePe UPI App

Login at SBI UPI App

Users have to enroll with the UPI App after downloading and installing it Anybody can download the SBI UPI app and register. It is not select for the SBI clients. The ICICI Bank clients can as well enroll their financial balance at SBI Buddy or some other SBI UPI application.

  • To sign up, you need to pick a PIN to login. Since it takes a shot at your mobile there is no need of client ID. Users can use their mobile number as client ID.
  • In the following stride, you need to make Virtual Payment Address (VPA) and register a financial balance.

How to Create VPA

The virtual Payment Address (VPA) is the address which replaces your financial balance details. Using your VPA anybody can transfer cash t your account. It is important to make a VPA to use the SBI UPI App.

  • To make a VPA, you need to tap on include a financial balance.
  • In the fallowing step, you are requested that pick a VPA.
  • The VPA has two sections like an Email ID for eg ABC@SBI, 11112222@SBI.
  • The postfix would be settled word i. e. @SBI, while you can pick the Prefix. The prefix can be your name, telephone number or anything you need.
  • It is like the picking email ID. The early registrant would unquestionably get great VPA.

Bank Account Registration

After the making VPA, you need to register the financial balance. This account can be from SBI or some other bank. Note, you can enrol just that financial balance which uses a similar mobile number where UPI App is introduced. Really, by using the mobile number SBI UPI app confirms the credibility.

  • Presently you need to create the MPIN.
  • This MPIN is used while you transfer cash to anybody.
  • To produce the MPIN first time, you need to give your debit card details and ATM PIN.

How To Transfer Money Using SBI UPI APP

  • Open the UPI-based app by entering login PIN.
  • Go to ‘send money’.
  • Choose the payee. If payee is not registered, register it using his VPA or Bank account details
  • Choose the bank account if there are many accounts.
  • Input the amount and submit.
  • Enter the MPIN and click on send money.
  • It is very easy to send money through the UPI-based apps. The process is similar to all the UPI apps.

How To Collect Money using SBI App

  • Login into the SBI UPI app
  • Go the receive money
  • Choose the person to whom you want money. If the person is not already registered, give the VPA of the person.
  • Click and ‘send request’.
  • The person receives notification through his/her UPI app.
  • The person approves the payment by entering the MPIN.
  • you would get money immediately.

How To Pay For Online Shopping Using UPI App

Using the UPI App, users also can do the online shopping. Shoppers can choose the Payment Option as ‘Payment through UPI’ while proceeding to pay. Users have to give only VPA for such transactions. All the online retailers like Flipkart, Amazon, Jobang etc supports the UPI Payment facility.

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