Reliance Jio clarifies that, No plans to launch app-based taxi Service or Cab Service

by lakshmi February 27, 2017 at 4:01 pm

Reliance Jio is planning to launch its own app-based taxi service later this year. Reliance Jio is planning to launch its own app-based taxi service soon. Recently the Reliance Jio has become the talk of the town everywhere after it has introduced the free 4G LTE data, free voice calls, SMS and access to Reliance Jio apps. Now, the Reliance Jio seems to make another remarkable step by entering into app-based taxi service. The Reliance Jio may probably be planning to give a tough competition for Ola and Uber transport apps. Managing Director of Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani has stated that the Reliance taxi-based app is going to launch by this year end.

Reliance Jio clarifies that, No plans to launch app-based taxi Service or Cab Service

Reliance Jio to launch app-based cab service: “The plan is to launch after April but it might take up to six months more depending how the commercial rollout pans out,” FactorDaily reports citing a source at Reliance Industries.

Reliance Jio cab service

Reliance Making Its Ventures by contacting Mahindra and Hyundai

The reports were stating that the organization has contacted Mahindra and Hyundai and is hoping to manufacture its own fleet of taxis for the reason. And also it has contacted counseling firm E&Y to concoct valuing methodologies that would empower Jio to “go all out to get market share,” adds the report.

Furthermore, Jio is reportedly planning to launch its app-based cab service in Bangalore and Chennai, to begin with. It would later move on to Delhi and Mumbai, pursuing a mixed market strategy which could see it entering smaller cities like Bhopal and Jaipur as well. If that wasn’t enough, Jio is also said to be working on an Uber-like app with payments to likely

Reliance Jio Taxi App to Launch at end of the year

And also, Jio apparently wants to release its app based taxicab benefit in Bangalore and Chennai in any case. It would later proceed onward to Delhi and Mumbai, seeking after a blended market procedure which could see it entering smaller urban areas like Bhopal and Jaipur too. In the event that that wasn’t sufficient, Jio is also said to take a shot at a Uber-like app with payments to likely use its occupant Jio Money benefit.

Jio as of late reported that it had restricted in a huge 100 million supporters for its 4G telecom service. It would begin charging these endorsers from April 1. Contingent upon what number of endorsers it figures out how to hold through the span of time, it would make the following step. For this situation, its own particular thought on Uber and Ola. Recently the Uber and Jio have come to an understanding that will empower clients to pay for their Uber rides utilizing JioMoney.

“JioMoney is an integral part of the Jio ecosystem and is fast emerging as a preferred option for digital transactions due to its ease of use, intuitive interface and growing acceptability. JioMoney’s integration with Uber will power the rapid migration of many more Uber transactions to the digital platform,” Anirban S Mukherjee, business head, JioMoney said.

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