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Google Chrome OS Could Soon Support All Apps On Google Play Store

According to Reddit, Google’s Chrome OS will soon run all Android applications from the Play Store, which revealed another setting in Chromebooks.

Google Chrome OS Could Soon Support  All Apps On Google Play Store

A Reddit client by the name TheWiseYoda posted the screenshots on the site, where one of the settings option permits a client to run Android applications from the Play Store. The settings incidentally vanished following a few moments, yet source code from Chromium and Github additionally seems to affirm that a future setting will give users  a chance to run these applications. Look at screenshots of the same here.

As this post on ArsTechnica notes Google had before propelled App RunTime for Chrome (ARC) which took into account select designers to port their Android applications to Chrome OS, yet the new element implies that all applications on Android Play Store will soon keep running on Chrome OS.

Users unintentionally discovered a Chrome OS setting that would have empowered Android applications to keep running on the Chromebook. The setting immediately vanished however not before a screenshot was taken. Actually, handfuls volunteered for the treasure hunt and to be sure found placeholder text for the feature. If that empowered, it would ask the user’s authorization to setup Google Play Store on the Chromebook to get to a huge number of applications and diversions. Unfortunately, there is no “Hell Yeah!” catch.

The feature is to a great extent latent for the time being but we could be given the full Monty this coming Google I/O. Regardless of the possibility that it is petition responded in due order regarding a few, it’s still inquisitive to perceive how Google will deal with this technique. Given how more Chromebooks, and even Chromeboxes and Chromebases, are turning out, Google will barely kill off Chrome OS at any point in the near future. Then again, Android is set to get more multi-window features in Android N, which could put it keeping pace with Chrome OS.

Google propelled two budget Chromebooks in May a year ago in India, valued at Rs 12,999 every, which were manufactured by Xolo and Nexian.

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