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Freedom 251 Mobile Order Confirmation SMS/ Email Sent, Delivery 2018

Ringing Bells Company Said, Freedom 251 Mobiles Will be Sent out by June 2018 through Cash on Delivery for those who receiving SMS/ E Mail of 1st 30,000 Ordered Customers. it’s a great to having such Cheap Smart Phone.

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Freedom 251 Mobile Order Confirmation SMS/ Email Sent, Delivery by June  :

Here is a good news for all those who had registered to Buy Freedom 251 Smart phone. Freedom 251 mobile was launched by Ring bells. Freedom 251 mobile was the cheapest smart phone device in the recent times. It is incredible idea to launch a mobile just for 251 rupees. Lakhs of people across the country had ordered the phone. This obviously attracting offer for all the customers. Everyone were attracted to the low price smart phone and ordered that mobile. The Website server was busy on the day due to high traffic. There was a doubt whether some customers order was booked or not. Closing all the suspense, Freedom 251 Confirmation SMS/E-Mail Sent to those who had successfully ordered the Freedom mobiles.

Ringing Bells Sent Confirmation SMS/E-Mail to First 30k Customers

There was doubt in many customers minds. The doubt is that whether their order was confirmed or not. The freedom 251 mobile had limited target. The company limited the mobile production to First 30k registered customers only. The delivery of the mobile will be started in month by 2018 as per recent ceo news. So we should wait for the mobile till mobiles reach the customers.

The news was officially shared on Ringing Bells official Facebook page. The Freedom 251 mobile had posted, “today is a historic day. We have sent out the confirmation SMS/E-Mail to the people who will be receiving the Freedom 251 phones by 30th June through cash on delivery. Kindly like the post and comment here as and when you receive the SMS/E-Mail.” It is sure that  Freedom 251 Confirmation SMS/E-Mail Sent acknowledgment.

So this is clear that, if you receive the Email or Sms then your mobile is booked and will be reached to you soon. If you did not receive the Email or Sms then your mobile hasn’t booked. So keep waiting for two days to know your mobile status.

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