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IPL 2016 Auction Live Updates & Team Squad, Cost/ Prices

IPL 2016 Auctions/ Bids Live, Indian Premier League 9th edition Players selling very exciting to get from the eight franchises. Check out IPL Auction 2016 Live Updates, Cost/ Prices of each Player and Related Team Squads Exclusively From Facebook, Twitter IPL.

IPL Auction 2016 Live Updates & Team Squad, Cost/ Prices :

IPL Auction 2016 Live Updates : The IPL Player Auction is upon us again, the 2016 version, and with several superstars set to go under the hammer (well, not literally, of course, although come to think about it, that would make a really nice game) in Bengaluru. India’s live coverage of the IPL 2016 Player Auction. This is Deepak Vikraman here and I will be taking you through all the craziness as it happens. So stick right here, lock this particular tab up and whenever a new update comes, the page will refresh automatically.

Madley will be the one ensuring the bidding goes as mad as possible, and, hopefully, we have some drama in this auction, a few bidding wars.With two new teams coming into the fray, there should be plenty of excitement (ah, c’mon guys, we all know the IPL auction is more fun than the actual tournament)The IPL auction of the players for Indian Premier League (IPL) started Saturday in Mumbai. The latest auction will witness 351 players going under the hammer and that includes 230 Indian players and 121 overseas players.

The IPL 2016 will begin on April 9th, 2016 and will end on May 29th, 2016. Yuvraj Singh, Shane Watson and Kevin Pietersen are at the top in the list followed by the bowling duo of Ishant Sharma and Dale Steyn. All the IPL officials are making their way to the auction. Rajeev Shukla wishes all the teams best of luck. Richard Madley, the veteran auctioneer will start off proceedings.

Here are the Live Updates of IPL 9 auction :

10.52 am: The last player out of the set. Cameron Bancroft, the Australian, it is. Bancroft is unsold, despite a small base price of Rs 10 lakh.

10.50 am: Gujarat Lions sold to Gujarat Lions for Rs 2.3 crore.

RCB want Karthik back, and start the bidding. Gujarat Lions also want him apparently, so it goes up to Rs 2.10 crore. RCB were not expecting someone else to make a bid, so Mallya and the rest discuss for a while, before raising their bid. No hesitation from the Gujarat Lions, who quickly bid Rs 2.3 crore. RCB are out at Rs 2.3 crore, and Gujarat Lions get Karthik.

10.49 am: Dinesh Karthik next. Base price Rs 2 crore.

10.48 am: Sam Billings is a handy wicketkeeper-batsman, but the Englishman is unsold, and so is Ben Dunk.

10.47 am: Morne Van Wyk is unsold.

10.46 am: Brad Hassin now. No takers for Rs 1.5 crore, the Aussie is also unsold.

10.46 am: Johnson Charles also is unsold.

10.45 am: Mushfiqur Rahim goes unsold.

10.43 am: Jos Buttler sold to Mumbai Indians for Rs 3.8 crore.

Takes a while for the first bid to come and Mumbai Indians it is who make the first one. If MI get Buttler for Rs 1.5 crore, it will be an absolute bargain. MI think they have him, and then KKR make their first bid of the morning, with a late, late one, just as Madley was about to bang his hammer. The bidding purrs all the way to Rs 3.8 crore, and KKR drop out. MI get the attacking batsman/wicketkeeper.

10.41 am: Next up is Joss Buttler. Base price for the Englishman is Rs 1.5 crore.

10.40 am: Shane Dowrich is next. Unsurprisingly, he goes unsold.

10.40 am: Sanju Samson sold to Delhi Daredevils for Rs 4.2 crore.

Gujarat Lions bide their time, and then make a late opening bid for Samson at the base price of Rs 2 crore. Delhi Daredevils get that paddle up for the first time in this auction, and the bidding goes up to Rs 4.2 crore. Not quickly, with a bit of pondering and discussion there from both Gujarat Lions and Delhi Daredevils. DD hold the bid at Rs 4.2 crore, and the Gujarat Lions decide against bidding again. Samson finally goes to DD for Rs 4.2 crore.

10.34 am: Sanju Samson is first up.

10.33 am: Not one player on this batsmen list was sold. Wicketkeeper set now.

10.32 am: Khawaja, despite all those BBL hundred and all, is unsold. Strange auction so far this.

10.32 am: Usman Khawaja finishes off this batsmen set. Base price Rs 1 crore.

10.31 am: Michael Hussey goes unsold with the base price of Rs 2 crore.

10.30 am: Mahela Jayawardene also is unsold. Rs 1.5 crore was always too steep.

10.30 am: Subramaniam Badrinath goes unsold.

10.29 am: Are you serious, again! Bailey goes unsold as well.

10.28 am: George Bailey is next.

10.27 am: Hashim Amla next. The openers aren’t in demand and Amla goes unsold.

10.27 am: No takers at Rs 50 lakh and Pujara goes unsold.

10.26 am: Next is Cheteshwar Pujara. Interesting this could be.

10.26 am: Rilee Rossouw goes unsold.

10.25 am: First up is Rilee Rossouw. Base price Rs 1 crore.

10.25 am: And we are back. Batsmen section now.

10.23 am: Here is a quick recap of the playes sold so far.

Shane Watson RCB Rs 9.5 crore.

Yuvraj Singh SRH Rs 7 crore.

Ashish Nehra SRH Rs 5.5 crore.

Ishant Sharma RPS Rs 3.8 crore.

Kevin Pietersen RPS Rs 3.5 crore.

Dale Steyn Gujarat Lions Rs 2.3 crore.

Dwayne Smith Gujarat Lions Rs 2.3 crore.

10.18 am: Vettori speaking to Sony Six. “We wanted someone who could bowl and bat at the top order, and Shane is the best at it,” says Vettori about the Shane Watson buy. Mitchell Starc will hopefully be fit, he adds. Wanted Yuvraj, but he became too expensive.

10.10 am: I still can’t believe that Guptill went unsold. A surprise that Finch went the same way as well. Apparently, the openers aren’t in vogue in this auction. Watson the highest buy so far at Rs 9.5 crore, with Yuvraj next at Rs 7 crore.

10.09 am: That is the end of the marquee set. A 15-minute break now.

10.09 am: Dale Steyn sold to Gujarat Lions for Rs 2.3 crore.

Pune start the bidding at Rs 1 crore. RCB make a bid as well, and the paddle raising ensues. Steyn has played for RCB in the past, don’t forget. Pune say they are done at Rs 2 crore, with RCB holding the South Africa bowler. But, a new bidder comes in as Gujarat Lions enter the bidding ring for Steyn. RCB say they are out, and the Gujarat Lions get Steyn for Rs 2.3 crore.

10.06 am: Dale Steyn is the last man off the marquee list.

10.06 am: Yuvraj Singh sold to Sunrisers Hyderabad for Rs 7 crore. Nope, no Rs 16 crore this time.

Takes a while to get the first bid in, as all the franchises wait for someone else to make their first move. Madley baits Delhi Daredevils to try and make the first bid, but it is the Mumbai Indians who open the bidding at Rs 2 crore. RCB want Yuvraj back, and Mallya bids Rs 2.10 crore. Goes up quickly between the two franchises to 5.5 crore. Bit of hesitancy for MI, who have the smallest purse, no such thing for RCB, who seem to get their man, raising the paddle immediately after the counter one. The bidding stops at Rs 5.5 crore, with MI saying they are out, and just when RCB think they have their man, SRH, the late bidders, come in. SRH get the bid at Rs 7 crore, with RCB saying they are out. SRH get their man.

10 am: The penultimate marquee player is Yuvraj Singh. Here we go now folks, herw we go.

9.59 am: Ashish Nehra sold to Sunrisers Hyderabad for Rs 5.5 crore.

KXIP could not get Ishant, so they start the bid for Nehra. Gujarat Lions come in and the bidding goes up to Rs 3.5 crore. KXIP look like they have got the veteran left-arm fast bowler at Rs 3.5 crore, but just when Madley was about to bang that gavel, Sunrisers Hyderabad come in. Preity discusses a bit with Sanjay Bangar, and then raises the paddle again. Goes to Rs 5.5 crore, with SRH holding the bid, and that is the bid that gets them their man. Good buy that.

9.55 am: Ashish Nehra it is now.

9.55 am: Aaron Finch goes unsold! Another surprise there. Apparently the openers are not in demand.

9.53 am: Next player is Aaron Finch. Base price Rs 1 crore.

9.53 am: KKR question the increments in the bidding and Madley throws him down.

9.49 am: Shane Watson goes to RCB for Rs 9.5 crore. Big money buy that.

Man that Guptill thing was a surprise. Was tipping him to be one of the most expensive buys. The bidding for Watson is started by RPS, with RCB, Vijay Mallya and all, coming in for the first time. The two go back and forth, and it rises quickly past Rs 4 crore. Stops at Rs 4.5 crore, and then Rs 5.5 crore with RCB getting the all-rounder. Or do they? Mumbai Indians come in with a late bid and the price goes up to Rs 7.5 crore, still with RCB. MI decide to continue bidding, and it goes to Rs 8.5 crore, with RCB still holding the bid. Not for long, as MI make a bid of Rs 9 crore, before it goes straight back to RCB for Rs 9.5 crore. Watson finally goes to RCB for Rs 9.5 crore. Ricky Ponting wanted Watson, but couldn’t get him.

9.47 am: Shane Watson it is now.

9.47 am: All the franchises should be interested in Guptill, really, and it takes a while for all of them to raise their paddle. What? Seriously? Guptill goes unsold. This is the most crazy thing I have seen. Unbelievable.

9.46 am: The fourth player off the marquee list is Martin Guptill. This should be fun.

9.45 am: Ishant Sharma sold to Rising Pune Supergiants for Rs 3.8 crore. The most expensive so far.

Ah interesting, as KXIP make the opening bid of Rs 2 crore for Ishant. They do need a solid Indian bowler, even is Ishant isn’t the greatest in the T20 format. Pune come in again, and the bidding war ensues. I can lip read Preity Zinta asking one of the other owners if she should stop it. But there is no stopping as the bid goes past Rs 3 crore. Flies to Rs 3.8 core after that, and KXIP decide against making the bid, after a looong deliberation.

9.41 am: The next player is Ishant Sharma.

9.41 am: Dwayne Smith sold to Gujarat Lions for Rs 2.3 crore.

Pune start the bidding again at Rs 50 lakh. Just the two new franchises so far, as Gujarat Lions counter-bid. Goes quickly past Rs 1 crore. Stephen Fleming, the new Pune coach, is the one raising the paddle, and he is raising it quite a bit in these early stages. The bidding goes past Rs 2 crore as well. He was a key player for CSK, so Fleming knows all about Smith, of course. The bidding ends at Rs 2.3 crore and it goes to the Lions.

9.38 am: The next player is Dwayne Smith.

9.37 am: Kevin Pietersen sold to Rising Pune Supergiants for Rs 3.5 crore.

 Rs 2 crore is the base price for Pietersen. RPS makes the first bid. And the other new franchise Gujarat Lions also bid. It goes back and forth between the two teams, ah no hesitancy at all here. It goes to Rs 2.8 crore, with the bid with RPS. After slight hesitation, it goes up again to Rs 3 crore.

9.34 am: First marquee player up for auction is Kevin Pietersen.

9.33 am: Madley takes the stage.

9.32 am: The IPL chairman Rajeev Shukka now with a welcome speech. A special welcome to the new teams — Rising Pune Supergiants (nope, he didn’t crack a smile when he said that name) and Gujarat Lions. He says, this was actually going  to be a mega auction, but with CSK and RR suspended, that mega auction has been postponed to 2018, when the two franchises can return.

9.31 am: Ratnakar Shetty, the IPL COO, is talking now, going through the process a little bit and doing a bit of PR for the iPad as well.

9.29 am: Preity Zinta is also in the house, with big dark goggles and some red number, showing her true KXIP colours. Yeah, that’s as far as I can go, when it comes to fashion information I’m afraid.

9.28 am: We should have the auction ready for that bidding thingy in a couple of minutes. Richard Madley should come into focus soon.

9.23 am: Pictures of the officials and team management walking in. Brad Hodge is there with his new Gujarat Lions team, and so is Gautam Gambhir for KKR. Hopefully, he doesn’t get too mad, if KKR miss out on a player during the auction. Don’t want a fight now do we. Or do we?

9.20 am: So, who you betting on to go the highest in th marquee player list? Might be Yuvraj again, but Guptill should go for a pretty penny as well, with his base price at just Rs 50 lakhs.

9.13 am: Marquee player list: Ishant Sharma, Shane Watson, Ashish Nehra, Kevin Pietersen, Yuvraj Singh, Dale Steyn, Aaron Finch, Dwayne Smith, Martin Guptill.

9.08 am: Just a quick reminder of the purses available for each team.

Delhi Daredevils: Rs 37.15 crore.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Rs 30.15 crore.

Rising Pune Supergiants: Rs 27 crore.

Gujarat Lions: Rs 27 crore.

Kings XI Punjab: Rs 23 crore.

RCB: Rs 21.625 crore.

KKR: Rs 17.95 crore.

Mumbai Indians: Rs 14.405 crore.

9.04 am: Ok, the Sony Six coverage has begun, and, yup, Navjot Singh Sidhu is the expert. Enough said, really.

Live Updates From IPL Auction 2016 – Players List Team wise :

Delhi Daredevils Kings XI Punjab
Player Name Indian / Overseas Player Name Indian / Overseas
Amit Mishra Indian Akshar Rajesh Patel Indian
Jayant Yadav Indian Anureet Singh Indian
Mayank Agarwal Indian Gurkeerat Singh Mann Indian
Mohammad Shami Indian Manan Vohra Indian
Saurabh Tiwary Indian Murali Vijay Indian
Shahbaz Nadeem Indian Nikhil Shankar Naik Indian
Shreyas Iyer Indian Rishi Dhawan Indian
Zaheer Khan Indian Sandeep Sharma Indian
Albie Morkel Overseas Shardul Narendra Thakur Indian
Imran Tahir Overseas Wriddhiman Saha Indian
Jean-Paul Duminy Overseas David Miller Overseas
Nathan Coulter-Nile Overseas Glenn Maxwell Overseas
Quinton de Kock Overseas Mitchell Johnson Overseas
Shaun Marsh Overseas
No of Players 13 No of Players 14
No of Overseas Players 5 No of Overseas Players 4
Kolkata Knight Riders Mumbai Indians
Player Name Indian / Overseas Player Name Indian / Overseas
Gautam Gambhir Indian Akshay Wakhare Indian
Kuldeep Singh Yadav Indian Ambati Rayudu Indian
Manish Pandey Indian Harbhajan Singh Indian
Piyush Chawla Indian Hardik Pandya Indian
Robin Uthappa Indian J Suchitch Indian
Sheldon Jackson Indian Jasprit Bumrah Indian
Suryakumar Yadav Indian Nitish Rana Indian
Umesh Yadav Indian Parthiv Patel Indian
Yusuf Pathan Indian Ranganath Vinay Kumar Indian
Andre Russell Overseas Rohit Sharma Indian
Brad Hogg Overseas Shreyas Gopal Indian
Chris Lynn Overseas Siddhesh Dinesh Lad Indian
Morne Morkel Overseas Unmukt Chand Indian
Shakib Al Hasan Overseas Corey Anderson Overseas
Sunil Narine Overseas Keiron Pollard Overseas
Lasith Malinga Overseas
Lendl Simmons Overseas
Marchant de Lange Overseas
Mitchell McClenaghan Overseas
No of Players 15 No of Players 19
No of Overseas Players 6 No of Overseas Players 6
Royal Challengers Bangalore Sunrisers Hyderabad
Player Name Indian / Overseas Player Name Indian / Overseas
Abu Nechim Ahmed Indian Ashish Reddy Indian
Harshal Patel Indian Bhuvneshwar Kumar Indian
Kedar Jadhav Indian Bipul Sharma Indian
Mandeep Hardev Singh Indian Karn Sharma Indian
Sarfaraz Naushad Khan Indian KL Rahul Indian
Sreenath Arvind Indian Naman Ojha Indian
Varun Aaron Indian Parvez Rasool Indian
Virat Kohli Indian Ricky Bhui Indian
Yuzvendra Singh Chahal Indian Shikhar Dhawan Indian
AB de Villers Overseas Siddharth Kaul Indian
Adam Milne Overseas David Warner Overseas
Chris Gayle Overseas Eoin Morgan Overseas
David Wiese Overseas Kane Williamson Overseas
Mitchell Starc Overseas Moises Henriques Overseas
Trent Boult Overseas
No of Players 14 No of Players 15
No of Overseas Players 5 No of Overseas Players 5
Team Pune Team Rajkot
Player Name Indian / Overseas Player Name Indian / Overseas
Ajinkya Rahane Indian Ravindra Jadeja Indian
M S Dhoni Indian Suresh Raina Indian
R Ashwin Indian Brendon McCullum Overseas
Faf du Plessis Overseas Dwayne Bravo Overseas
Steven Smith Overseas James Faulkner Overseas
No of Players 5 No of Players 5
No of Overseas Players 2 No of Overseas Players 3
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