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US Elections 2016 Super Tuesday Results are Out – Hillary assure

Hillary assure Hope,Trump is going to Bloop..

According United States Presidential Elections, the Key events in the US presidential elections ‘Super Tuesday’ results, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton beat the Super Victory. The crucial primaries in 12 states, known as Super Tuesday caucus process using the Americans the right to vote. This is due to our primaries in Alabama, Alaska Democrat front runner Hillary Clinton, the leading Republican candidates, Donald Trump swept out to be true expectations for achieving according to the US survey.

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Statistics of US Presidential debates:

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  • As per information received so far, Trump has won 12 states in  5 places.
  • Georgia, including the crucial state of Virginia, Alabama, Massachusetts, Tennessee beat Victory Triumph clean.
  •  The Republican candidate Ted Cruz of Texas, his hometown, only won oklahoma. Finally, Barbera is the result of four positions.
  • However, even trump lead in both of them that information.

US Elections 2016 Super Tuesday Results are Out – Hillary assure :

Hillary Hope raises due to woman voters:

  • Among the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, a former first lady presented a huge margin over his opponent, Sanders.
  • According to Hillary supported states registering a huge success with six counts of 12, Sanders won two places.
  • Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Texas, Arkansas State  was also counted in to Hillary accounts, Sanders of Vermont and  oklahoma got  success.
  • Counting continues in the other three states. Hillary was in the lead in both of them.

But this was not the Super Tuesday Cruz had hoped for months ago: He had campaigned hard in Southern states, hoping to dominate among evangelicals and very conservative voters. Instead, in state after state, he saw those voters flock to Trump.

For Rubio, the Minnesota win was a boost he sorely needed: Earlier in the night, Trump had mocked him for not winning any states so far. But overall, Tuesday was a disappointment for Rubio: He had attacked Trump sharply in the past few days, and shifted some late-deciding voters into his camp. But outside of Minnesota, it wasn’t enough.

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