Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online Voting & Elimination Results, Missed Call Numbers, Winners List 2017

by lakshmi September 16, 2017 at 11:25 am

The Biggest entertainment show of Vijay TV Bigg Boss is heading towards the 12th week. Bigg Boss voting has been in progress for all contestants. The audience watching the show can vote up to 50 votes per day while the voting process will be stopped by every Friday. So, viewers following the show can know which contestants are moving forwards for 7th week and who are eliminating in 6th-week details. Also, here we have given the Tamil Bigg Boss voting numbers, missed call numbers to vote your favourite contestants to stay them safe.

Vijay TV Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online & Elimination Results, Winners List – Week 12

The Tamil Bigg Boss show is being hosted by Kamal Hassan, which is the biggest entertainer of Tamil. This show has been started on 25th June. In this show, by every weekend 3 participants will be eliminated. The process will be completely based on public voting. So, the audience who wish to vote for their favourite contestants can check the voting numbers from this article.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Live Updates & Elimination Names List – september 2017

The Bigg Boss show will be completely depending upon the audience voting. The contestants who fail to impress the audience will be eliminated from the show. The contestants getting less number of votes will be eliminated by the weekend. There are overall 14 contestants in the Bigg Boss show. It is difficult to judge who will be winning in the final round. In this show, the contestant’s original behaviours will be revealed to the audience. Based on the public voting, the elimination process will take place.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting – Details & Procedure

The public voting decides who will be moving forward with the show and who will be leaving the show. The list of contestants participating in this show are,

  • Shree (Managaram Fame – Hero)
  • Anuya (SMS Fame – Heroine)
  • Bharani (Actor)
  • Namitha (Famous for her word “Machans”)
  • Vaiyapuri (Comedy Actor)
  • Snehan (Poetist/Lyricist)
  • Gayathri Raguram (Choreographer + Member of BJP)
  • Raiza (Model)
  • Oviya (Kalavani Fame – Actress)
  • Juliana (A common girl – Famous for Jallikattu Girl)
  • Aarar (Saithan Movie – Villain)
  • Harathi Ganesh (Comedy Actress)
  • Ganja Karuppu (Comedy Actor)
  • Sakthi (Actor)
  • Ganesh Venkatram (Actor)

How to Vote in Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Online

The audience can vote for their favourite contestant to make them win in this show. They can vote online. Here is the complete process of voting the Bigg Boss contestants. The missed call voting and voice call voting process is described clearly in this article. The audience can choose any way to vote their favourite contestants.

There are two ways, you can cast your vote in bigg boss Tamil.

1) Google Vote

2) Missed Call

Bigg Boss Online Voting Methods – Step by Step

  1. Open Google search box in any browser.
  2. Then Type “Bigg Boss Vote” or “Bigg Boss Tamil Voting” in the search box.
  3. On the next, step you will see pictures of contestants and choose the number of votes you want to cast for your favourite contestant.
  4. Then you need to login to your Gmail id.
  5. Select your favourite contestant and Click on Submit.
  6. Bigg Boss voting will be done.

Bigg Boss Vote – Missed Call Voting Method and Details

The viewers can make a missed call to the given numbers. So that it will be counted as one vote. Check the Bigg Boss Missed Call Numbers from here below.

To Vote for Bharani, Give missed call to  +91 72101 22303 (Eliminated)
To Vote for Arav, Give missed call to  +91 72101 22301
To Vote for Ganesh Venkatram, Give missed call to  +91 72101 22304
To Vote for Gayathri Raguram, Give missed call to  +91 72101 22306 (Eliminated)
To Vote for Namitha, Give missed call to   +91 72101 22309 (Eliminated)
To Vote for Ganja Karuppu, Give missed call to  +91 72101 22305(Eliminated)
To Vote for Sakthi, Give missed call to  +91 72101 22315 (Eliminated)
To Vote for Harathi Ganesh, Give missed call to   +91 72101 22307 (Eliminated)
To Vote for Juliana, Give missed call to   +91 72101 22308 (Eliminated)
To Vote for Oviya, Give missed call to   +91 72101 22310 (Eliminated)
To Vote for Raiza, Give missed call to  +91 72101 22311(Eliminated)
To Vote for Vaiyapuri, Give missed call to  +91 72101 22314
To Vote for Snehan, Give missed call to   +91 72101 22313
To Vote for Anuya, Give missed call to  +91 72101 22302 (Eliminated)
To Vote for Shree, Give missed call to   +91 72101 22312 (Eliminated)

Bigg Boss Voting Online

In the 11th week of Bigg Boss Tamil kajal pasupathi got eliminated. And for the 12th week there are these three contestants for whom you may vote online: [Bigg Boss Tamil Vote] This week (week 12th) the contestants who were in elimination are

  • Harish Kalyan
  • Snehan
  • Vaiyyapuri
  • Aarav

The audience can vote until Friday 12 PM to save their favourite contestant. Online /SMS voting can be countable.


  1. I vote oviya juli because two guys are nice if they stand for two elimation without going other’s see the support next going out

    1. Brother Pls watch today’s Juli behaviour….she is talking to oviya nicely….after tht whn aarav. came near by her…..she is talking bad about her itself……becoz she wants him to stand near her,talk to her etc ….for tht spoiling oviya fame with aarav.

    1. Raiza porama pudichava,,,,, ,,oviya and Julie eapo vuma eliminate pannatra,,,,,, thev—- Raiza

      I support oviya

  2. My full to ooviya.really she is very nice person & good human being.i wished u from my bottom of my heart u will&must win all the best sister.

  3. Aarti, gayathri, arav, snehan romba dangerous bcoz they stabbing back of other…….and raiza was jelouse with oviya….actually only 2 prson is be their self and rombe poorumiyaga irrukanga that was oviya and julies who was be there ask normal public.

  4. I support oviya but winner is Ganesh…
    Wasted people is gayatri namitha snehan aarav…this 4 are gossip group also create problems….As a public view i think tis 4 will be eliminated soon….
    A very good reality show BIGG BOSS thnx to director of BIGG BOSS…well done….

  5. I suppory oviya but winner ganesh…wasted people gayatri namitha aarav snehan…tis 4 gossip group also create problems…as a public view i tink tos 4 eliminated soon…A very good reality show BIGG BOSS..thnx to director of BIGG BOSS show…well done…

  6. Why always nominate the oviya’s name to the housemates this is really bad. Oviya is not concentrate about her dressing sense, but she live in originally. I voted and like her. God bless you sister

  7. I support Ganesh bro becoz he is nice & good human being person. Ganesh bro character is really good. 100% he is the winner.

  8. I support oviya and ganesh bcaz they are very sweet and good hearted and cool guys…..and mainly they both doesn’t gossip….but except these two all others gossip blames others.gayathri, namitha and snehan are too dangerous….I doesn’t want to speak about Julie caz she changes colour often…

  9. Oruthavunga sapiduratha pathi pesuranga its really hurting.My opinion is oviya – natural juli – dilamo character Gayathiri – worst shakthi – good vaiyaburi – OK kavigan – very very bad Aarv – OK Namitha – no love Raisa – nice Ganesh – superb character

  10. Pls big boss Gayathiri pesura bad words and behaviour avungaluku pottu katunga appavachum character mathikirangalanu parpom she is very worst oru family Ku antha mathiri character set agathu.

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