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Ringing Bells to Launch world’s cheapest Freedom LED TV HD for $147

Ringing Bells to launch world’s cheapest HD LED TV ‘Freedom’ for $147

Ringing Bells, a Noida-based smartphone manufacturing company has made its debut into the Indian market with the launch of world’s cheapest smartphone called Freedom 251 at an inexpensive price of Rs. 251 earlier this year. That smartphone has created massive buzz and hype among the smartphone users and the entire world for few days by rolling out an extremely affordable device into the smartphone market.

Now, the company has once again popped up in the news sources having a plan to launch the world’s cheapest High Definition LED TV for an unexpectedly affordable price range by the first week of the month July. Recently, the smartphone company has announced that it will be delivering around two lakh smartphones from June 30 by the end of this month. The founder and CEO of Ringing Bells, Mohit Goelhad made this official announcement regarding the delivery of Freedom 251 smartphone by the end of this month.

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Freedom – World’s Cheapest HD LED TV

Likewise launching its world’s cheapest smartphone, the Ringing Bells Company is now planning to launch the world’s cheapest High Definition LED Television in the month of July. As per the latest announcement made by the Noida-based company on Saturday, i.e., on 25th June, 2016, the world’s cheapest television entitled “Freedom”, (similar name like its cheapest smartphone, Freedom 251) is priced at an inexpensive price tag of $147 (approximately Rs. 10,000).

Mohit Goel, the CEO, and Founder of Ringing Bells have made this announcement of launching the world’s cheapest HD LED TV into the market at an extremely affordable price range. The new Freedom LED TV will be a 32-inches wide high definition TV which is planning to hit the Indian market for a price of Rs. 10,000. Goel stated that, in the current electronics market, a 32 inches LED TV is available at a price range of $191 (approximately Rs. 13,000) which is regarded as the minimum and the cheapest one.

During the announcement, Mohit said the new “Freedom” line-up of TV sets will be considered as the cheapest Television in India. The Founder and CEO of Ringing Bells also stated that the company will assuredly deliver the product to its customers within 2 working days once the customer orders it online.

Then, Freedom 251 – Now Freedom LED TV

In the month of mid-February, the Noida-based company has announced its launch of Freedom 251 smartphone into the market and allowed all the people to make registrations as a pre-booking for purchasing the world’s cheapest smartphone at an economical price of Rs. 251, The company now announced that it is gearing up to deliver 200,000 units of Freedom 251 smartphone, the world’s cheapest smartphone.

Earlier, everyone assumed that it was a tactic or a strategy by the company by launching the cheapest smartphone in the market. It is impossible for a smartphone maker to offer a device for such a cheap price of Rs. 251. The manufacturing cost of the phone will be a minimum of Rs. 2000. Many questioned that how come a smartphone maker offer a smartphone at an inexpensive price range.

An FIR had been registered against the Ringing Bells Company due to its fake marketing. Currently, the company is facing that issue and it is trying to get out of it and confirmed that it will be soon delivering the smartphones to the purchasers by the end of this month.

At the time of announcing the delivery of handsets, Goel said, “We learned from our mistakes and decided to go silent till we come out with the product now we have a 4-inch dual-SIM smartphone ready to deliver. I feel vindicated.”

However, the Noida-based company has not revealed many details regarding the upcomingworld’s cheapest HD LED TV expect the TV will be 32-inch offered for Rs. 10, 000. We can’t take it granted and believe in the company until it keeps up its promise of delivering the Freedom 251 smartphone to the customers who registered for it.

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