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Jan Dhan Accounts To Get Rs 10,000 Concession for beneficiaries with Nil balance By PM Modi

Jan Dhan accounts to get Rs 10,000- concession for beneficiaries with nil balance

Here is the best news ever for Jan Dhan Account holders. The Government is specifically deposing Rs 10,000 for Jan Dhan Account holders with nil balance. Recently PM Narendra Modi has announced this after demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. This will be helpful to the people who are having the zero balance in their accounts that is people who are poor. This step has been specially taken for the support of poor and farmers.

PM Modi Announced Jan Dhan Bank Account to get Deposit of 10,000 Rs Soon :

As per the analysis, in India 25 Cr Jan Dhan accounts are presently active, and in which 5.8 Jan Dhan Accounts are not holding any balance. As per this reports Government is spending Rs 58 Cr amount to deposit Rs 10,000 in each account. Investigators have figured that the demonetisation move will bring about a bonus of Rs 3 lakh crore to the RBI.

Highly-placed sources said that after targeting black money hoarders, the government “has to send a signal to poor farmers, among others, that the benefits are being passed on to them.” A reward for their hardship, perhaps.

Jan Dhan stores will turn out to be distinct advantage

This progression, if taken, could be a distinct advantage and effect Assembly elections anticipated that would be held by April 2017. As to the issue of the BJP distancing its core vote bank of traders and middle class as a result of the stun declaration of demonetisation sources said that the saffron high command is of the view that while one can win one election with middle class support, for a reprise it’s the garib and the kisan whose support is primary.

“To win subsequent general elections, one has to reach out to the poor and the farmers,” a senior BJP strategist told this newspaper. It may be noted that the main agenda of the Modi government at the moment is “empowerment of the poor.”

Saffron savants are stressed over the effect of the political bet the Prime Minister has taken before the main Assembly elections. Provincial economy the nation over, which runs predominantly on money, has been extremely hit taking after the demonetisation.

As per the reports from UP, Punjab and different states express that as a result of demonetisation, formers have no money to purchase manure or seeds in front of the croppint season. The Punjab farming business sector has enlisted a descending pattern in Ludhiana. The saffron high command feels that if the Government loses UP elections, the Prime Minister’s image and authority could be “permanently damage”.

What is Jan Dhan Account ? : its a bank account creating under prime minister jan dhan yojana scheme. In that, we can deposit 50,000 rs only.

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