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Toli Ekadasi 2018 Images, Quotes, Wishes Greetings Wallpapers (SMS, Messages) FB & Whatsapp

Happy Toli Ekadasi 2018: Tholi Yekadasi Images, Quotes, Wishes in Telugu Tamil/ Hindi/ Kannada/ Hindi Languages Mentioned. Download Yekadasi Wallpapers and greetings and Send to Relatives, Friends on this occasion with God Wallpapers, Photos. Also Send Toli Yekadasi SMS & Messages through Android Mobile Phones.

Happy Toli Ekadasi 2018 Images HD, Quotes, Wishes Greetings Wallpapers For Facebook & Whatsapp

Toli Ekadasi is a auspicious festival celebrated by Telugu people & the name is given to the ekadasi observed during Shukla Paksh which is known as waxing phase of moon in English. Toli Ekadasi is also known as Chatur Mas Vart, Deva Sahayani Ekadasi or Hari Sayani Ekadasi which are four holy months in Hinduism begins from the day. Telugu people also believe that Lord Vishnu goes to sleep from the day at the night time of Devas. According to telugu calendar Toli Ekadasi is on July 23rd.

Toli Ekadasi is very special to farmers because on this day they will sow seeds after the first rain on the festival day. Farmers will do their pooja on Toli Ekadasi with all their agriculture implements. Toli Ekadasi is very sacred festival to framers which many of the people will get into farming on thus auspicious day. Most of them will fast on this sacred day & they will break the fast by eating fruits after commencing the pooja. It is also believed that by praying on Toli Ekadasi will help a person from redemption of his sins.

Importance & Significance Of Toli Ekadasi Story :-

As per the religious beliefs toli ekadasi is celebrated on the name of lord vishnu who goes on deep sleep on his divine serpent called Aadhi Seshu. People will be fasting on whole day of toli ekadasi & they will break fasting on next day Dwadasi by eating fruits. Some of the people will also do Nirjal Upvas fasting without taking liquid & water.

There is a story about toli ekadasi that King Mandhata of Surya Dynasty was noble and honest and observed Ekadasi fasting with devotion, particularly ‘Sayana Ekadasi’ fasting. His kingdom had effected severe drought & many of animals were died. To get out this situation, king mandhata did sayana ekadasi fasting on toli ekadasi with much devotion & prayed lord vishnu. After that fasting he get rid of severe drought in his kingdom.

Happy Toli Ekadasi Quotes & SMS/ Wishes in Telugu & English :-

śuklāṁbaradharaṁ viṣṇuṁ śaśivarṇaṁ caturbhujam |
prasannavadanaṁ dhyāyet sarvavighnōpaśāṁtaye
Dressed in white you are,
oh,all pervading one,
and glowing with the color of moon.
With four arms,you are,the all knowing one
I meditate on your ever-smiling face,
and pray,remove all obstacles on my way.
Dashamee Divase Parapte Urathastoham Janaardanathirdinam Devadevesha Nirvigham Kuru Keshava.

Janaardhana! Today being Dasami, I am ready for the three day vow. Oh, Lord! Deva Deva! Keshava! ss that no obstacles come in the way of my vow.

Toli Ekadasi Images & Greetings & Prayers for facebook & Whatsapp :-

On Toli Ekadasi day you can read Vishnu Asthotram, Vishnu Sahastranamam & chanting Om Namo Narayana While Doing Pooja. Staunch devotees who observe Vaikunta Ekadasi fasting do not sleep on the day. They spend the whole night at Vishnu temples or by singing prayers or listening stories dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

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