Bigg Boss Telugu Final Winner Name & Cash Prize Money Out – Elimination Runner Results, Finale Winners List

by lakshmi September 24, 2017 at 10:05 pm

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online: Bigg Boss is the most popular Television Show that has kick started on 16th July 2017. This is the first ever reality show in Telugu Television history. Young Tiger NTR is the host of this show. The Bigg Boss Show is successfully running with good TRP. NTR’s hosting is a big highlight of this show. The Bigg Boss Show will be telecasted on Star Maa every day. The NTR’s Bigg Boss Season 1 Live telecasted on 9.30 pm on weekdays and 9 pm on weekends (Sat & Sun). While the show has started with 14 participants. The duration of the show is 70 days. Where the participants will be living in a big house detached from outer world. The participants will not have any TV, Mobile or other communication facilities in the house. Every week one least voted contestant will gets eliminated from the show. As of now 3 participants were eliminated out of 14 members. The elimination of candidates will be done based on the public votes. The audience watching the show can vote to their favourite participants through Missed Call, or Online Voting.

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 Final Winner is: Shiva balaji

Bigg Boss Telugu Final Winner Name & Cash Prize Money Out – Elimination Runner Results, Finale Winners List


So, the audience waiting to vote their favourite contestants continue in Bigg Boss house. The Bigg Boss voting is absolutely free. Audience can just give a missed call to vote their favourite contestant.

As of now, Jyothi is the first eliminant of the show, after Jyothi Sampoornesh Babu has choosen to leave the show, and Madhu Priya was eliminated in week 3 elimination. While Mumaith Khan was sent of the show for 2 days for SIT investigation and she return back to the show. This week, as a surprise to audience the wild card entry of Deeksha Panth was done on Sunday, 30th July.

Bigg Boss Telugu Final Voting week – People are in Danger zone for elimination (Bigg Boss Telugu Final Winner)

For the 10th week(final) elimination in Bigg Boss Telugu 4 participants were nominated. They are,

  • Hari Teja
  • Navaddeep
  • Archana
  • Aadarsh
  • shiva balaji

These contestants are in danger zone for 10th week elimination. The audience can vote for their favorite celebrities to continue in the Bigg Boss house. The audience can vote from Monday evening to Friday midnight. So, here we have given the voting numbers to vote for favorite celebrities. Just give a missed call to the number to vote your favorite participant.

Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting Process

The Audience can cast their voting through missed call or through online. So, here are the complete details regarding Bigg Boss Telugu Voting. Simply fallow the process to cast your valuable vote. The users have to initially login with their Gmail and then it is possible to Vote to their favourite participants.

  1. On the Google page type, ”Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” or ” Star Maa Bigg BossTelugu Voting”
  2. List of contestants in danger zone will appears on screen.
  3. Click on your favourite Contestant and select your number of votes from the voting bar besides the image.
  4. Vote for him/her by just clicking the ‘Continue’ Option over there.
  5. The audience can vote a maximum of 50 votes to their favourite contestants.

Note: Voting process will be done from Monday to Friday midnight.

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting final – Missed Call Voting

Also, by just giving a missed call to their favourite contestants then can vote their favourite contestants. The Bigg Boss Voting Numbers are listed below. Just make a missed call to the corresponding number to vote your best contestant to continue in the Bigg Boss House.

Vote for Shiva Balaji Missed Call Number 08433900170
Vote for Archana Missed Call Number 08433900160
Vote for Hari Teja Missed Call Number 08433900171
Vote for Mahesh Kathi Missed Call Number 08433900168
Vote for Adarsh Missed Call Number 08433900172
Vote for Deeksha Pant Missed Call Number 08433900165
Vote for Mumaith Missed Call Number 08433900162
Vote for Prince Missed Call Number 08433900163
Vote for Kalpana Missed Call Number 08433900167
Vote for Kathi Karthika Missed Call Number 08433900169
Vote for Dhanraj Missed Call Number 08433900173

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Polls will Be Activated until Friday 12 PM.

Name of the People Who Eliminated From the House in Past weeks: Bigg Boss Telugu Winner

No. of Weeks Contestant
Week 1 Jyothi
Week 2 Sampoornesh Babu
Madhu Priya
Week 3 Sameer
Week 4 Mahesh Katti
Week 5 Mumaith (Send to secret room)
Week 6 Kathi Karthika


Week 8 Mumaith Khan
Week 9 Prince
Week 10 Deeksha

Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Season 1 Grand Finale & Voting Percentage, Cash Prize Money :

Bigg Boss Telugu Grand Finale Show Live Streaming on September 24th at 6 PM. Bigg Boss Telugu Finale winner Revealed in adarsh r shiva balaji


  1. Kalpana seems to be the best of all. She is playing the game in a sensible, an unbiased manner. Most of the others are trying to corner her with selfish motives. Ofcourse when it comes to talent no one else can match her even a bit! I wish kalpana win the Telugu BIGBOSS Title.

  2. Bigg boss…! Archana (Pullari Buddi) gariki dresses provide cheyyandi , thanaku dresses lekapodam valana under wars vesukuni house lo tirugutndi,

  3. I want to eliminate archana Bcuz andaritho bagunatu natistu pullalu pedtundi tana dressing style worest overaction nd genune gave undadu she is the only one who point others always nd want make her self safe worest candidate sence undali tana dressing style cheeee boys tho kurchoni andari guranchi chepadam kante eam ledu my vote goes to deeksha karthika

  4. Please eliminate hari teja,,she is over acting and archana is double game player,she carries words always bad dressing ,worst players
    Good is mahesh katti eliminated ,cant able to see him in show,he felt like he is big boss in show,laziest man

  5. Plzz save Kalpana she’s very strong and independent women… Who so ever is misunderstanding her are not correct… Eliminate hariteja plzzz

  6. Save kalpana and deeksha. Please eliminate hari teja,,she is over acting and archana is double game player,she carries words due to that she thinks they are not nominate hér always bad dressing ,worst players Good is mahesh katti eliminated. And coming to Prince he centering feel she and kalpana

  7. Save kalpana and deeksha. Please eliminate hari teja ,she is over acting and archana is culprit and she carries words then she creating positive openion on her they are not nominate hér always bad dressing and over expose ,worst players prince ,mumaith and mahesh katti eliminated. And coming to Prince he pointing always deeksha and kalpana

  8. My family will watch this show when archana is eliminated onwards, we are irritating with archana attitude and dressing scence, eliminate her.

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