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Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online – Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Winner, Elimination List

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Missed Call & Online Voting has been started. Now You can Vote to save your favorite contestant. You have 50 votes per day. Voting ends midnight, every Friday. The VOTING RULES AND REGULATIONS shall be binding on each individual, who participates in Voting Activity (“Poll”) by casting his/her vote, using the Voting Mechanism, for the Shortlisted Participants (as defined below) competing in the program titled “Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2” (“Program”) which is being aired on “Star Maa TV Online Voting” (hereinafter referred to as “Channel”), being the channel owned and operated by Star India Private Limited (“SIPL”), as per the Principal Voting Rules and Regulations and General Rules (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Rules and Regulations”) stated here under.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online – Star Maa Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Missed Call Voting, Elimination List

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 has become a big hit in Telugu Television history. Season 1 was telecasted on Star Maa TV from 16th July 2017 and the program ended 24 September 2017 by declaring the winner as actor Shiva Balaji. The prize money awarded to the winner is Rs 50 lakh. Moreover, the Bigg Boss Season 1 has got much appreciation from the audience with great TRP ratings due to Jr NTR’s hosting. He has turned out as an excellent host for the Bigg Boss Telugu season 1.

Bigg Boss is the most popular Television Show that has kick started on 10th June 2018. Natural Star Nani is the host of this show. The Bigg Boss Show is successfully running with good TRP. The Bigg Boss Show will be telecasted on Star Maa every day. The Bigg Boss Season 2 Live telecasted on 9.30 pm on weekdays and 9 pm on weekends (Sat & Sun). While the show has started with 16 participants. The duration of the show is 100 days. Where the participants will be living in a big house detached from outer world. The participants will not have any TV, Mobile or other communication facilities in the house. Every week one least voted contestant will gets eliminated from the show.The elimination of candidates will be done based on the public votes. The audience watching the show can vote to their favourite participants through Missed Call, or Online Voting.

So, the audience waiting to vote their favourite contestants continue in Bigg Boss house. The Bigg Boss voting is absolutely free. Audience can just give a missed call to vote their favourite contestant.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Online Voting Process (Week 13 Danger Zone List)

Coming Soon.

The Audience can cast their voting through missed call or through online. So, here are the complete details regarding Bigg Boss Telugu Voting. Simply fallow the process to cast your valuable vote. The users have to initially login with their Gmail and then it is possible to Vote to their favorite participants.

  1. On the Google page type, ”Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” or ” Bigg Boss Telugu Voting” or click here
  2. List of contestants in danger zone will appears on screen.
  3. Click on your favourite Contestant and select your number of votes from the voting bar besides the image.
  4. Vote for him/her by just clicking the ‘Continue’ Option over there.
  5. The audience can vote a maximum of 50 votes to their favourite contestants.

Note: Voting process will be done from Monday to Friday midnight. Bigg Boss Telugu Voting: Vote to save your favorite contestant. Voting ends every Friday at midnight. You have 50 votes per day.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Voting – Missed Call & Google Online Voting (Week 13 Elimination)

Also, by just giving a missed call to their favourite contestants then can vote their favourite contestants. The Bigg Boss Voting Numbers are listed below. Just make a missed call to the corresponding number to vote your best contestant to continue in the Bigg Boss House. Below participants are in the the Bigg boss telugu week 1 Elimination list. People can vote through bigg boss google voting or missed call voting to get participant out from eliminated list into safe zone. Those which participant will get less number of votes till every week friday that contestnat will be eliminated from the house.

The Program will be telecasted from 10th June, 2018, on the Channel at the timings stated below or such other dates and timings as amended and updated on the Website by SIPL from time to time.

Week Days (Monday to Friday) 21.30 Hours to 23.00
Week Ends (Saturday & Sunday) 21.00 Hours to 22.30
Vote for Missed Call Number Google Online Vote
Vote for Deepti

Vote for Syamala

Vote for Kaushal

Vote for Amit Tiwari


Re-entry Of Eliminated Contestants Through Wild Card

Star Maa has started the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 on 10th June 2018. Since it is the most awaited programme, the audience has given the tremendous response to the show and it is being followed by millions of fans. The Bigg Boss Telugu is acquiring Crores of votes every day from the audiences. It becomes one of the top-rated shows in Telugu Television history ever. Bigg Boss Telugu 2 rating was enormously high in the recent television history. The show has completed 6 weeks successfully as of now. The audience were jelled well with the show and admiring the contestants of the show. On this note, Bigg Boss team has advertised a happy announcement for the audience. Check the surprise news from the following.

Bigg Boss Season 2 has been kick-started on 10th June with Nani’s Natural style of hosting. The show was started up with 14 contestants initially. The show started with Geetha Madhuri, Syamala, Deepthi Nallamothu, Deepthi Sunayana, Tejaswi Madiwada, Bhanu Sree, Amith Tiwari, Roll Rida, Babu Gogineni, Samrat Reddy, Tanish Alladi, Kaushal, Ganesh, Kireeti Damaraju, Nuthan Naidu, and Sanjana Anne. All the 14 contestants have left their prominent signature in the audience mind.

Re-Entry Of Eliminated Contestants Through Wild Card:

  1. Syamala
  2. Nutan Naidu

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Contestants/ Participants List:

Google Voting Mechanism

A Viewer interested to cast his/her vote, by using Google Voting Mechanism, will be subject to the following:

The Viewer must have a valid and subsisting Gmail id for casting his/her vote through this Voting Mechanism. The Viewer may be prompted to enter his/her Gmail id and related details prior to proceeding with the voting.
The Viewer needs to go to the Google Search Page and type the following keyword- ‘Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote‘ or any other keyword that may be notified or publicized by SIPL/Channel from time to time during the Period. The search results will list the Shortlisted Participants’ names. The Viewer has to cast his/her vote against the desired Shortlisted Participant’s name to save him/her from eviction. Only a maximum of 50 votes per Day for each Gmail id, will be allowed through the Viewer’s Gmail account till the end of the particular Voting Cycle. The Viewer will not be charged in the Google Voting Mechanism to cast the vote, however, there will be cost levied to the Viewer, at the applicable rate, by the network provider for using internet connection which should be checked by the Viewer at his/her sole responsibility.

Missed Call Mechanism

The Missed Call Mechanism for the Territory is as provided below:

  • The Viewer should be residing in India and using a valid Indian phone number, registered with network operators in the Territory.
  • To vote, the Viewers shall through their landlines/mobile numbers dial the unique number of the Shortlisted Participant for the particular Voting Cycle for whom they want to vote and give them a missed call. The unique number for the Participants shall be as follows:
Sl.No Participant Profession Status Number assigned
1 Geetha Madhuri Singer In the house 7729998801
2 Syamala Anchor Re-entry 7729998802
3 Ganesh Commoner Eliminated 7729998803
4 Bhanu Sree Actress Eliminated 7729998804
5 Babu Gogineni Rationalist Eliminated 7729998805
6 Tejaswi Actress Eliminated 7729998806
7 Roll Rida Singer In the house 7729998807
8 Deepti Nallamothu Anchor In the house 7729998808
9 Nutan Naidu Commoner Eliminated 7729998809
10 Tanish Alladi Actor In the house 7729998811
11 Deepthi Sunaina Actress Eliminated 7729998812
12 Amit Tiwari Actor In the house 7729998813
13 Sanjana Anne Model Eliminated 7729998814
14 Samrat Reddy Actor In the house 7729998815
15 Kireeti Damaraju Actress Eliminated 7729998816
16 Kaushal Manda Actor In the house 7729998817
17 Nandini Rai Actor Eliminated 7729998810
18 Pooja Ramachandran Actor Eliminated 7729998818

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Eliminated List (Week Wise):

Weeks Participant
Week 1 Sanjana

Week 2  Nutan Naidu

Week 3 Kireeti

Week 4 Syamala

Week 5 Bhanu Sree

Week 6 Tejaswi

Week 7 No Eliminations
Week 8 Nandini

Week 9 Babu Gogineni

Week 10 Deepthi Sunaina

Week 11 1. Ganesh

2. Nutan Naidu

  • It is clarified that each Viewer can cast a maximum of 10 (ten) votes per Day, and a maximum of fifty (50) votes per Voting Cycle (defined below) by way of a missed call for the Shortlisted Participant(s) from a landline and/or mobile number. The Viewer will receive an SMS/response from SIPL for the first vote only (if voting is done through mobile only) for the applicable Voting Cycle.
  • The Viewer will not be charged in the Missed Call Mechanism to cast the votes.

In the Voting Mechanism, the Viewer should cast his/her votes for a particular Shortlisted Participant, for the respective Episodes of the Program, during a particular Voting Cycle (as defined below) and any vote cast after the Voting Cycle shall neither be considered as vote(s) for that Episode nor for the next Voting Cycle. The voting cycle for each Episode shall commence from the Start Date/time and end on the voting End Date/Time (“Voting Cycle”) as detailed below:

Start Date Time End Date Time
11th June 2018 22:25:00 15th June 2018 23:59:59
18th June 2018 22:25:00 22nd June 2018 23:59:59
25th June 2018 22:25:00 29th June 2018 23:59:59
2nd July 2018 22:25:00 6th July 2018 23:59:59
9th July 2018 22:25:00 13th July 2018 23:59:59
16th July 2018 22:25:00 20th July 2018 23:59:59
23rd July 2018 22:25:00 27th July 2018 23:59:59
30th July 2018 22:25:00 3rd August 2018 23:59:59
6th August 2018 22:25:00 10th August 2018 23:59:59
13th August 2018 22:25:00 17th August 2018 23:59:59
20th August 2018 22:25:00 24th August 2018 23:59:59
27th August 2018 22:25:00 31st August 2018 23:59:59
3rd Sept 2018 22:25:00 7th Sept 2018 23:59:59
10th Sept 2018 22:25:00 14th Sept 2018 23:59:59
17th Sept 2018 22:25:00 22nd Sept 2018 23:59:59

Votes sent after the Period and/or after the applicable Voting Cycle as tabulated in Rule 10, will not be considered and shall be deemed null and void without requirement of any further intimation by SIPL or the Channel. For the avoidance of doubt, the Viewer may cast his/her vote for more than one (1) Shortlisted Participant for each Voting Cycle, subject to, the rules pertaining to the maximum number of votes per Day and/or per Voting Cycle and other rules for the selected Voting Mechanism as detailed in the Principal Rules.

Every week, the Shortlisted Participant with the lowest number of votes gets eliminated from the Program and other remaining Participants will be eligible to continue in the house, in accordance with the format of the Program. It is further clarified that the elimination is purely based on the average of votes received through the Voting Mechanism, as set out herein. SIPL and/or Channel reserve the right to modify the format of the Program and accordingly the rules for Voting Mechanism at any time, at its discretion, during the telecast of the Program/at any time during the Period. In no event shall the Participants, the Shortlisted Participants, or the Viewer(s) dispute the decision made by SIPL and/or the Channel or make any claims in this respect in regard to any aspect of the Program and/or the Voting Mechanism including the Terms and Conditions, the format of the Program, selection of the Shortlisted Participants, the Shortlisted Participant being evicted on the basis of the votes received, or any remaining Participants surviving the elimination.

The Voting Mechanism may be announced during the telecast of the Program on the Channel.

The Viewer(s) can cast their votes for only those Shortlisted Participant(s) of the Program who have participated in that particular Day/Episode. Any votes sent by the Viewers for the Shortlisted Participants who were not a part of that particular Day/Episode due to elimination or not shortlisted for any other reason whatsoever, shall not be considered and shall be null and void.

The voting is merely to enable the Viewers to choose their favourite Participant or to vote for the performance of a particular Shortlisted Participant that they have liked. No winners will be declared and/or prizes distributed for the Viewers participating in the Voting Mechanism. Each Viewer participating in the Voting Mechanism agrees and acknowledges that he/she shall not be entitled to any gratification of any nature whatsoever. Viewers are not be entitled to make any claims in respect of this against the Channel, SIPL and/or the Program.

The elimination of the Shortlisted Participant and/or the decisions made by SIPL and/or the Channel in any aspect of the Program/Voting Mechanism shall be final and binding on all the Viewers and in no event shall the Viewers dispute the decision made by SIPL, Channel and/or its employees/representatives in connection to the same.

The public votes gets 100% weightage in deciding the eviction of a Shortlisted Participant at the end of each Voting Cycle.

Bigg Boss Telugu Rules

  • The contestants are not entitled to go out once they have entered the home.
  • Every week one participant will be eliminated as per the audience poll.
  • Contestants are not allowed to sleep in the daytime. Only they can sleep during the alarm rings.
  • All the candidates must share the duties of the house and perform as per their assigned schedule.
  • Candidates once entered the house will have no contacts with the outer world. That is the event the candidates will not be allowed to use mobile phone, newspaper, watch etc.


  1. The Viewer interested in participating in the Voting, represents and warrants that he/she is 18 years old or The Viewer further represents and warrants that (i) he/she is not restricted from or under any disability, whether legal, contractual or otherwise which may restrain/prevent him/her from participating in the Voting Mechanism; and (ii) he/she shall comply with the applicable laws and these Terms and Conditions and the Policies. Failure of any Viewer to comply with the Terms and Conditions and/or the Policies will disqualify such Viewer from participating in the Voting Mechanism and/or render the vote cast by such Viewer null and void.
  2. SIPL and/or the Channel reserves all rights to make amendments to the existing Terms and Conditions, and/or withdraw, change, alter, amend the Voting Mechanism, process of elimination including any Shortlisted Participants for a Voting Cycle, the schedule of the Episodes of the Program and/or, Participants of the Program and/or any other details of the Program, Terms and Conditions, Period and/or Program, at any time, without any prior notice to the Viewer. It shall be the sole responsibility of the Viewers to check the Terms and Conditions on SIPL’s Official website at http://biggbosstelugu.startv.com
  3. SIPL reserves the right to cancel and/or postpone the Program without assigning any reasons and/or without giving any prior intimation to the Viewers.
  4. Viewer(s) agree and acknowledge that there is no prize/gratification in voting for the Shortlisted Participant as detailed herein.
  5. Neither SIPL nor the Channel shall be responsible in any manner whatsoever for network problems, technical failures, interruptions, disruptions, malfunction, system failure whatsoever and/or the data charges/costs charged by the network operator(s) and/or any other problems which may occur due to the failure of the Voting Mechanism or misuse of the Voting Mechanism or any kind of problems in connection thereto. Any dispute in connection to the same should be settled between the Viewers/subscribers and the operator(s) directly without involving SIPL and/or the Channel in any manner. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, SIPL shall in no manner be responsible for the inability, failure of the Viewer to cast any vote or delay in casting of any vote, for any reasons whatsoever, including without limitation network failure, technological reasons or any events beyond SIPL’s/Channel’s control.
  6. Neither SIPL nor the Channel shall be responsible for any unauthorized access to user data and/or for any compromise on private / confidential user related, or any other data, including but not limiting to user ids, email address, names, or any other user related details of the Viewers.
  7. In case of any network failure, technical problem and/or for any reasons whatsoever, SIPL reserves the right to change the voting system/Voting Mechanism and/or cease from accepting votes of the Viewers for any and/or all the Episode(s)/Voting Cycle(s) of the Program, or take such necessary steps as it may deem fit.
  8. Upon the Viewer’s voting for the favorite Shortlisted Participant, the user and email id or phone number from which the Viewer(s) has voted during the Voting Cycle would get registered with the respective network provider(s) who will collate the total number of votes received for each Shortlisted Participant and send the same to the audit committee as engaged SIPL/Channel and the final data will be received by SIPL/the Channel and as per the results shared by the audit committee, the evicted Participant shall be declared. The Viewers hereby expressly consent to the sharing of their user and email id(s), phone number(s), as per the Voting Mechanism used by the Viewer, with the audit committee engaged by SIPL and/or the Channel in its discretion.
  9. The Viewer(s) agrees that he/she shall hold harmless and hereby irrevocably and unconditionally releases the Channel, SIPL, its employees, officers or any other person connected with the Program, the Voting Mechanism, in relation to any injury/damage/harm/loss suffered by him/her, in any manner, whatsoever in connection with the Voting Mechanism or any aspect of these Terms and Conditions, and, without prejudice to the foregoing, expressly agrees to not file in person/ through any family member and/or any third party any applications, criminal and/or civil proceedings in any courts or forum anywhere in the world against the sponsor and/or the Channel and/or SIPL, or any of their employees, representatives, any person connected with the Voting Mechanism or the Program, to claim any damages or reliefs’ or otherwise. If the Viewer(s) is found to be ineligible, or if they have not complied with these Terms and Conditions, the corresponding votes will be disqualified.
  10. The Channel and/or SIPL is in no manner whatsoever responsible and/or shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever, for any injury, death, mental trauma caused to the Viewer/voter in any manner whatsoever, in connection to the Program and/or any aspect related to Voting Mechanism.
  11. SIPL and/or the Channel reserves the right to disregard the vote(s) in the event SIPL/Channel observes any irregularity in the voting pattern of the vote(s) sent by the Viewer(s) and/or if SIPL/Channel in its knowledge has reason to believe that any Viewer(s) has acted in a fraudulent manner and/or engaged in any deceitful activity in sending the said vote(s).
  12. Employees of and/or consultants of and/or persons hired on contract by the Channel, SIPL and the main sponsors of the Program, if any, and the members of their immediate family are ineligible for voting for the Program through this Voting Mechanism.
  13. All decisions made by SIPL and/or the Channel shall be final and binding on all the Viewers and in no event shall the Viewer dispute the decision made by SIPL, Channel and/or its employees/representatives in connection with the Program, the Shortlisted Participants, the Participants, and/or the Voting Mechanism.
  14. The elimination of the Participant(s) and/or the decision(s) made by the Channel and/or SIPL regarding the Program and the Voting Mechanism shall be final and binding on all the Viewers and in no event shall the Viewer(s) dispute the decision made by SIPL, Channel and/or its employees/representatives in connection to the Program, the Voting Mechanism, or otherwise.
  15. By voting and/or proceeding to participate in the Voting Mechanism it is deemed that the Viewers have read, understood, accepted and unconditionally and irrevocably agreed to abide with all the Terms and Conditions of the Voting Mechanism and other Policies.
  16. By participating in the Voting Mechanism, each Viewer acknowledges and agrees that: (i) any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action; and (ii) any and all claims, judgments and awards shall be limited to actual out-of-pocket costs incurred and associated with participating in the Voting Mechanism (if any). Notwithstanding the foregoing, under no circumstances will SIPL and/or the Channel, or any of their employees, officers, directors, representatives, be liable for any consequential, indirect, special, punitive, or incidental damages or lost profits, whether direct or indirect, arising in any way whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise.
  17. Each Viewer hereby acknowledges and agrees that the relationship between the Viewer and SIPL, Channel, and its/their affiliated companies is not a confidential, fiduciary, or other special relationship.
  18. Each Viewer acknowledges that in case the performance of the Voting Mechanism and/or any provisions of these Terms and Conditions cannot be fulfilled due to war, industrial action, flood or any Act of God or any reasons beyond the control of SIPL or the Channel, then such non-performance or failure shall not be deemed as a breach of these Terms and Conditions and if such inability to perform such obligation continues for a period of seven (7) days, then SIPL shall be at liberty upon its sole discretion to terminate the Voting Mechanism forthwith and such decision shall be final and binding.
  19. In case any portion/clause of these Terms and Conditions are deemed invalid or becomes unenforceable or prohibited by the law of the country or any order of a court or judicial/regulatory authority, such portions shall be considered divisible, and the remainder of these Terms and Conditions shall be valid and binding and of like effect as though such provision were not included herein.
  20. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, SIPL and/or the Channel makes no representation and/or warranty regarding the Program, the Voting Mechanism, and hereby expressly disclaims all representations and warranties, expressed or implied including warranties of fitness for a purpose.
  21. The Viewer(s) agree that the Viewer shall have no right and to the maximum extent permitted by law hereby expressly and irrevocably waives any right to restrain or injunct or enjoin, or attempt to restrain or injunct or enjoin, the development, production or exploitation of the Program and/or the continuance of the Voting Mechanism.
  22. These Terms and Conditions, and the Policies, shall constitute the entire agreement between SIPL, the Channel, and each Viewer with respect to the subject matter contained herein, superseding any prior agreements between SIPL, the Channel, and the Viewers regarding the same.
  23. The Viewer represents and warrants that all user details, if any required to be provided pursuant to the Voting Mechanism, are true, correct, and updated.
  24. All and any costs direct and/or indirect, in relation to the participation in the Voting Mechanism, shall be borne by the Viewer and in no manner whatsoever shall SIPL and/or the Channel, be responsible or liable for the same. The Viewer hereby agree to indemnify SIPL, the Channel, its officers, directors, representatives, and employees, from and against any claims that may arise from their acts or omissions while participating in the Voting Mechanism.
  25. These Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of India, notwithstanding the conflict of laws principle, and any dispute or any other matter arising in reference to any aspect of these Terms and Conditions including the Voting Mechanism, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Hyderabad.
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