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Karnataka: Class 12 (2nd PUC) board Chemistry Paper Leaked Again, Students Protested

Karnataka: Class 12 board Chemistry Paper Leaked Again, Students Protested

After Postponed of Class 12 Chemistry exam from March 21 to 31st due to question paper leaked few hours before the commencement of exams on the same day. The Class 12 Chemistry examination of Karnataka’s Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE) was cancelled once again on Thursday taking after a new question paper leak.

Karnataka: Class 12 board Chemistry Paper Leaked Again, Students Protested

A large number of second-year pre-university course equal to class 12 students, the Karnataka pre-University examination of chemistry cancelled once again after the question papers were leaked, students and there parents furios on officials and management in banglore and other cities.

The examination was initially scheduled to be hung on March 22, but, exam was canceled because of the question paper leaked. Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said, “We will discover who is in charge of this.”

In the re conduct of examination today, it was found that written by hand question papers were being flowed at some examination centers, constraining the administration cancelled the exam once again. Senior officials in Bellary and Kolar were suspended after it was found that the main paper leaked happened at the centers administrated by them.

Around 1.74 lakh students should take the chemistry subject exam, however, a dominant part of them were uninformed that there inquiry paper in English and Kannada was spilled at a few centers and got circled to other center to this afternoon.

Angry students and there parents staged protest at different spots in the state requesting the resignation of state’s education minister.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah says CID will investigate into the PU paper spill. Siddaramaiah backed education minister Kimmane Ratnakar, says no questions of seeking for his resignation.

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